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Oda non Original Character FROG Tobari Enoto

Oda non Original Character FROG Tobari Enoto

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From Oda non's Volume 2 of "Housewives(Hitozuma)", Tobari Enoto is up for auction!

Tobari Enoto, Akari・Clark Shinguji, and Yan Yokiri are houswives who are also good friends.
Their recent house chores includes making sure to see their husbands off to work and attending extravagant parties.
A certain auction takes place in these parties and they just can't stop themselves from attending it!
Who wouldn't be interested in a formal gathering among gentlemen flinging their hard earned money just for a pastime?
Based on the original illustration of Oda non, Tobari Enoto is the 2nd installment of "Housewives(Hitozuma)" series, recreated in 1/5 scale.

The series is based on 2 variants of an illustration made by the legendary illustrator, Oda non,
A "Before Ver." (Dressed) and an "After ver." (Undressed).
We have also faithfully reproduced every detail of Tobari's meticulous outfit.
Tanned skin and eye-catching hair makes Tobari look trendy, but the contrast between her elegance, delicate lacy lingerie makes her an even more eye-catching gem.
Tobari's gorgeous dress with multiple layers of skirt is cast-off, and her glistening pubic hair and crotch is one of the figure's focal point.
By aligning the figures' hexagonal bases, with previously released "Akari・Clark Shinguji" (being worked on diligently),
You can recreate a situation based on the original portrayal of Oda non's illustration.
Furthermore, an interchangeable chest parts is included which allows you to connect the chains to the table, so you can depict that other scene of the after-party.
Please take your time considering as you may finally have an intense occasion enjoying your very own set of young wives.
PVC, ABS, and Metal ; fully painted and assembled
Size: 1/5 scale
Total height: 31.8cm
Accessories: Base, Table, Interchangeable Chest parts, Chain, Name Plaque, and Neck Cuffs

Oda non Original Character

Release Date: 2024-06
Pre-Order Deadline: 2023-02-12
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