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HaneAme Good Smile Company Dog Pet Girlfriend

HaneAme Good Smile Company Dog Pet Girlfriend

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Presenting Dog Pet Girlfriend,a special collab figure by HaneAme x CACAO x Good Smile Company!

HaneAme's Dog Pet Girlfriend cosplay as illustrated by CACAO has now been transformed into a scale figure as part of a special collaboration project!
HaneAme's captivating looks have been preserved in incredible 1/6 scale size with detailed sculpting and paintwork. Every step of the figure creation process was reviewed and approved by HaneAme herself, making for a faithful reproduction!
The figure's stockings are made with fabric, allowing you to enjoy the texture of the real thing in figure form.
Painted plastic 1/6 scale complete product with stand included. Approximately 300mm in height.

©2020 HaneAme / 카카오*CACAO

Release Date: 2024-07
Pre-Order Deadline: 2023-04-16
  • UPC: 4580416946780
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