payment plan

~What is a payment system? we offer a way for people to enjoy pre-orders without having to pay the full amount upfront. using invoices via pay pal. ~whats are the conditions? this option is only available for pre-order items. you may only set a payment plan for items worth more than $100.00CAD. 10% must be paid upfront. items worth 250.00 CAD are subject to 15% paid upfront. and 350.00CAD is subject to 20% upfront. 5% GST will be due with the upfront payment. once an item is placed for pre-order you may not change items once payment has been made. you cannot transfer funds from one invoice to another, once the pre-order is past deadline and is canceled, 10% of the value will be kept and the rest refunded. ~how do I start the payment plan? you will have to contact us via our email we will give you a unique file with your full name and a file number. that file will be used to keep track of you invoices, items ordered, and keep track of all your pre-orders. ~limitations? you may only have a maximum of 1000 CAD worth of pre-orders at once. when you finish an invoice the amount will be removed from the total items value on file. (Example, limit available on file $400.00, invoice finished $200.00. total pre-orders $600.00 new total amount owed on file $400.00, $600.00 available limit on file.) the maximum limit may increase due to high volume of completed invoices on your file. (limit can be removed indefinitely with a history of successful invoices.)