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Glamyboo nails (Gingerbread)

Glamyboo nails (Gingerbread)

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CHIP-FREE Glamyboo durable Press On/Glue On False Nails is your solution if you are tired of constantly going back to salons for long sessions/ if you want to say bye to damaging your natural nails/ if you want to try DIY nail arts on your own time! When applied and cared for correctly, Glamyboo nails can last up to 3 weeks.

HOW TO USE: First, you need to prep your nails properly to provide a good base for your press on nails. Second, choose the right nail size for each of your fingers. Put them aside and in order so that you can easily apply them. Apply proper amount of nail glue on back of artificial nail. Press the bottom of the nail right up against your cuticle and maintain pressure on nail for 20 seconds to ensure that you get a good hold. Move on and repeat the same process with the rest of your nails.

  • 24 Pieces Comes in 12 Sizes: Glamyboo Press On/Glue On False Nails come in 12 sizes/ 24 pieces, numbers noted underneath nail tips. The sizing should match your nail beds closely for the nail tips to look realistic and to prevent them from falling off.

  • High-Quality Nails with Glue + Tools: MESS-FREE Glamyboo Press On/Glue On False Nails comes with 1.5g high-quality adhesive, so all you have to do is literally press them on to your fingers! Glamyboo’s budget and beginner-friendly kit comes with everything you’ll need, from a cuticle pusher/stick to a mini nail file you can either use on your natural nails or to shape the press-ons. When applied and cared for correctly, Glamyboo nails can last up to 3 weeks.

  • Easy 5 Min Application: Whether your’re looking to glam up for a special occasion, don’t have time to head to the salon, or just aren’t great at painting your own nails, Glamyboo press-ons are for you! Glamyboo Press On/Glue On False Nails are cost-effective, time-saving and don’t cause any damage to your natural nails. Say bye to pricey nail salons and change up your nail look whenever you want.

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